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Eversley Forte Bio:

In 2009, Eversley transitioned from being a Senior Software Engineer at Lockheed Martin, to being a full time trader (full time trader means less than 1 hour per day).  Eversley is now a pure directional rules based system trader.  He only buys Calls and Puts (no spreads), and swing trades Index and Currency Futures on daily charts per defined criteria.  With lots of free time, he teaches Kickboxing classes, trains in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and Parkour, works on films and commercials as an actor and stunt performer, provides private coaching for traders, and is active in local government as a Commissioner in the City of Santa Clara, CA. 

Eversley Forte coaches new traders and even experienced traders looking for 100% objective rules based swing trading methods which are easy to understand and implement using Futures, ETFs, or Options on ETFs.  Option trades on ETFs (Calls and Puts only - no spreads and no adjustments) along with the Futures trades, will feature 100% technical methods that have been in use successfully for years.

With 1-on-1 coaching, we can help to reduce the learning curve from 2-4 years, down to 6-9 months.  

Please call or email with any questions, and to discuss your specific situation and trading goals.  We can work on a plan to achieve those goals.  The link to the contact form is at the top of this page, along with links to information about what we trade and the private coaching program.


Eversley Forte


I was interviewed on a podcast about various aspects of my trading, my advice for up and coming traders, my professional background as an engineer and martial artist, plus my journey as a trading  coach.   Please watch the following podcast for some additional insight on how I approach trading the markets and coaching options and futures traders.

Whether you are brand new to trading or have experience, we can help you become more consistently profitable.  We want you to become confident without having fear of significant financial losses, by having a plan going forward which you can easily implement, and to have expectations of annual profitability.   We will work with you one on one over several months to achieve these goals.  

Upcoming Free Trading Workshops With Bay Area Options and Futures Swing Traders:

Sunday June 23 - How To Reduce Losses And Book Profits Consistently Swing Trading Futures

Sunday July 14 - How To Maximize Profits On Options Swing Trade and Reducing Losses



Futures Workshop Recording  -  Swing Trading Using Index and Currency Futures On Daily Charts



Options Workshop Recording:  Our Best Directional Swing Trading Strategy Using Options...



Below is a listing of the Sectors which we trade using options:

DIADow Jones
EEMEmerging Markets
EFAEurope, Australia, Asia
EWHHong Kong
GDXGold Miners
IYRReal Estate
TLTTreasury Bond
UNGNatural Gas
VNQReal Estate
VWOEmerging Markets
XLBBasic Materials
XLVHealth Care
XMEMetals & Mining
XOPOil & Gas Exploration & Production

Options Workshop Recording:  High Probability Options Swing Trading Using The Donchian Channel...
We review one of our highest probability directional swing trading strategies utilizing options and the Donchian Channel. Over the years, we have very consistently booked profits with this strategy in over 20 markets and sectors. We will look at the profitability to expect when traded per plan, in only 30-60 minutes per day. All of our Options and Futures trades are on daily charts, so we do not have to be sitting in front of a computer for hours looking at charts on lower time frames.

Futures Workshop Recording:  Knowing When To Short Markets With Index And Currency Futures...
During our workshop, we reviewed one of our favorite bearish Futures trading strategies, that is excellent for swing trading on daily charts using either Micro Futures or full size contracts. We also took a detailed look at the profitability to expect when traded per plan, in only 30-60 minutes per day. All of our Futures trades are on daily charts, so we do not have to be sitting in front of a computer for hours looking at charts on lower time frames.

NASDAQ in 2020 With All Valid Trades Identified
Chart of the NASDAQ (QQQ) from 2020 showing all of the valid trades identified from our Full Options Program (Weekly chart strategies, daily chart strategies, and Market Internals). There were 41 trades with 3 losses. That is just one ETF. We trade a total of 28 Sector ETFs, so there are lots of trading opportunities.

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